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Top tips for keeping your baby or child safe during winter

Children and Family Health Surrey has launched a new webpage to provide winter safety advice to families including tips about road crossing and being seen in the dark, cycling, playing in the snow and keeping warm. 

The advice includes reminders to:

  • Remind older children to put away their phones and take out any earphones when crossing roads. 
  • Get your child into the habit of wearing their helmet and if you cycle as a family, remember to wear yours too. It is a legal requirement to have lights and reflectors on bikes when you are out between sunset and sunrise.
  • When sledging in the snow choose a slope that is not too steep, make sure it is free of obstacles and does not end near a road, body of water or solid objects such as trees, fences and walls.
  • Babies lose heat though their heads so remove hats or hoods when indoors, in a shopping centre or in a car, and remove all outdoor clothing when indoors to avoid overheating.

Visit our Winter safety tips page for more advice and information.