Advice for families: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for health bones, teeth and muscles

It recommended that everyone over one year of age should take a 10 micrograms of vitamin D supplement daily including pregnant mothers. 

Breastfed babies

And as a precaution, breastfed babies from birth up to one year of age should also be given a supplement of 8.5 to 10 micrograms of vitamin D every day. Visit the UNICEF website to read more. 

Forumla fed babies

Babies who are formula fed do not require vitamin D supplement if they are having 500ml per day of infant formula or more.

Why is Vitamin D important?

Vitamin D supplementation is important because we and our children are unable to get enough vitamin D from sunlight in this country, or from diet alone. You can find out more from the NHS website, the British Dietetic Association or speak to your health visitor / nursery nurse.

Where can I get Vitamin D?

You can buy Vitamin D supplements from most supermarkets and pharmacies. 

Where can I get Healthy Start vitamins?

Healthy Start vitamins are available to buy or exchange with vouchers at family centres across Surrey.

You can also exchange your Healthy Start vouchers for vitamins at the following clinics: Leatherhead Clinic (8.30am-4.00pm), Banstead Clinic (9.00am-4.00pm), Molesey Clinic (9.00am-5.00pm) or Epsom Clinic (9.00am-4.00pm).

Ask your health visitor for more information.