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Join Children and Family Health Surrey where we are passionate about our work, value and support each other and have a child-centred approach to our services. 

You will have the chance be innovative, work in partnership with others and use technology to help you work smarter. We work closely with partner organisations including our colleagues in social care.

You will join an enthusiastic workforce looking for like-minded people to join us. We work collaboratively to put children and young people at the centre of care. 

Children and Family Health Surrey is the Surrey-wide NHS community health service for children and young people from birth up to 19 years of age and their parents and carers. Children and Family Health Surrey services are provided as a single service under one contract by CSH Surrey, First Community Health and Care, and Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.


Vacancies are advertised via NHS Jobs – search for one of the partners or visit the partner websites directly:

Feedback from our staff:

“I find the job extremely rewarding as the families are so appreciative of the help you give. The length of shifts and flexible shift pattern fits in with family life.” Nurse
“My job enables me to help and support children and families live as normal a life as possible whilst staying out of hospital. We focus on working with families to see them grow and develop together, to see confidence grow and children exceed other expectations of them. Our team is in its own family who are always there for one another whilst working in the community allows flexible working hours to support our home lives.” Nurse
“What I love about my job is the relationships you build with the parents and children I work with. When you receive a smile from a child or you laugh with them, you know they are happy to see you. You are giving the families time to be a family again. Time to relax a bit knowing someone else is focusing on the child with healthcare needs. The parents are able to shift their focus for the time you are with them, allowing them to spend more time with their partners, other children or on themselves.” Carer
"Starting as a newly qualified Health Visitor I was quickly and warmly welcomed into the team at Molesey. It is a skill mix team with a wealth of experience and it is very clear that everyone is supportive and respectful of each other. There is a lovely team spirit and it feels like people really care about each other as people and not just numbers!" Health visitor

"The very person-centred approach to therapy as well as looking after the staff appealed to me along with offering newly qualified positions in paediatric therapies." Occupational therapist

"There is constant encouragement for career progression and management have been really supportive in finding and sharing opportunities, particularly in relation to having Occupational Therapy students." Occupational therapist