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Voice quality 

Our vocal folds (cords) are found in our larynx (voice box) in our neck. They vibrate and make a buzzing noise to make voice. We use them every day and they work very hard, so it is important that we look after them. 

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help rehydrate the vocal cords. 
  • Don’t spend too long in dry or smoky rooms. Open a window or put a bowl of water near a radiator to keep the air slightly moist. 
  • If an inhaler is used for asthma, use a spacer and have a drink afterwards. 
  • Limit the number of lollies/sweets, especially cough sweets, that your child eats. These can have a very drying effect on the vocal cords. 
  • If your child's voice gets tired or aches, encourage them to breathe some steam from hot water in a bowl or hot bath (but not too hot). 
  • Take a break, have some quiet time. 
  • Spend some time each day practising quiet voices (e.g. at dinner time or while discussing a book). 

  • Coughing and throat-clearing 
  • Whispering 
  • Shouting - encourage your child to go to the person they wish to speak to instead of shouting to them from a distance 
  • Too much singing or humming.