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6 to 8 week review

The 6-8 week review appointment is an important opportunity to speak with a health visitor to discuss your baby’s development and progress, as well as your health and wellbeing. 

The date and time of the appointment will be given to you at your new birth visit and you should bring your baby’s Red book with you.

The Surrey-wide 0-19 Advice Line on 01883 340 922 is available from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) and provides support on all aspects of child health, development and parenting.

Please visit the emotional wellbeing and mental health page to read about the support available for you.

Do you know why Vitamin D supplements are important for you and your child?

Please read more on our Vitamin D page where you can also find information about the Healthy Start Scheme.

If you and/or your children are scared, frightened, being controlled or hurt by someone you know or live with please contact:

In an emergency, call 999.

Visit the Healthy Surrey website for advice, advocacy, practical help and support.

Baby Buddy is free a pregnancy and parenting app which provides trusted, evidence-based information and self care tools for parents, co-parents and caregivers in Surrey. 

It aims to empower you to build your knowledge and confidence, from early pregnancy to your child’s first birthday with: 

  • Fun, engaging interactive features to ‘learn without the burn’
  • A huge video library – including tips on breastfeeding and the Small Wonders Change Programme for premature and low birthweight babies 
  • Out of the Blue – videos promoting mental health 
  • Support and advice particularly tailored to dads 
  • ‘Today’s information’ - personalised, bite-size daily updates  

Watch the video to find out more

Baby Buddy video.jpg

99% of parents using the app say that it’s easy to use and has helped them to take care of their children. 

Download the app from your usual app store by searching on ‘Baby Buddy’. 

Families living in Surrey can get access to free online guides that include top tips from childcare, education and NHS health experts.

Visit our Free guides: understanding your baby, child or teenager page to find out more.

  • Advice for partners
  • DadPad - The Essential Guide for New Dads: DadPad is a free easy-to-use app for dads-to-be and dads with new babies in Surrey. DadPad can be downloaded free onto any smartphone from app stores. Dads and their partners just need to put in their postcode and select their local hospital trust.