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For Professionals

You can find information about our services in the sections below and in the For Families section, including how to contact our teams. 

From 1 July 2024 the Tongue-tie service will not be accepting any babies for frenulotomy who are older than 14 weeks. This means we will be able to offer more appointments to those under 14 weeks and support the early feeding issues that tongue-tie can create such as difficulties in breastfeeding and faltering growth in bottle-fed babies. 

We are not accepting babies older than 14 weeks as this carries a higher risk of bleeding and infection and, as we are undertaking the procedure in a community setting, we have less support available if required. The procedure can also be stressful to the baby as it can be more painful, dangerous and older babies are more difficult to restrain.

We are monitoring this change and aim to offer more clinics so we can reduce the waiting time for an appointment. There may be some exceptions so please contact your Infant Feeding Lead who can support your referral. 


•    Any baby who has blood anomalies (hereditary or current), please refer to the GP for clotting studies as there is a greater risk of bleeding and the procedure will not be safe to undertake in a community setting .

 •    Any baby with a cardiac anomaly should be referred to the Max Fax team.

Visit the Tongue-tie page for further information.

Please visit the One Stop Referral Service page for information about how to refer to our services.

When a family has experienced an unexplained sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) they are supported by health professionals.

The Care of the Next Infant (CONI) service provided by Children and Family Health Surrey ensures that extra support is provided for subsequent pregnancies and families. 

Health professionals can refer families to the Children and Family Health Surrey CONI service through the One Stop referral service or by calling the Surrey-wide 0-19 Advice Line on 01883 340 922

Visit the Lullaby Trust website to complete free online training for professionals.

Our Surrey-wide 0-19 Advice Line is available for professionals and families from 8am to 5pm on 01883 340 922.

Professionals can get in touch with our Therapy teams and find out more about these services by visiting our Therapies page

For details of the Developmental Paediatrics Service page, please see the 'For Families' section for further information and contact details.   

Please download the Professional Observational Report and have this completed before you make a referral. The completed Professional Observation Report should then be submitted at the same time as the referral (to ensure efficient processing) by using the One Stop Referral Service online portal (please use Google Chrome to access this).

For any GPs, hospital paediatricians or social workers wishing to make a referral to the Safeguarding Service for non-accidental injuries, this can be done by telephoning 07717 426704, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Professionals can visit the Managing Enuresis (a guide for professionals) page, as well as the Continence page

A ‘looked after child’ is defined as a child in the care of the local authority or is provided with accommodation for a continuous period of more than 24 hours.

All children have health needs but looked after children and young people have higher levels of health needs than their peers.

The Looked After Children and Health team is supported by Children and Family Health Surrey’s 0-19 teams. They provide services that directly support the child, carers and local authority in meeting health the child’s health needs working towards healthier futures.

Please contact the team through our Advice Line.

Referrals to Mindworks Surrey’s Access and Advice  

We wanted to provide an update on how to make a request for support for a child or young person for any mental health, emotional wellbeing concern or eating disorder into Mindworks Surrey.

Any professional can make a request for support using the Riviam online portal. GPs are requested to use the e-RS system, searching for “Mindworks Surrey”.  Both of these portals are available 24/7.

The Access and Advice team, which processes requests for support, hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, closed weekends and bank holidays. The telephone number is 0300 222 5755.

For referrals relating to a child’s physical health, these should continue to be made via the One Stop Referral Service. This service, provided by Children and Family Health Surrey, can be contacted Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm on 0300 222 5755.

The process for requesting support around neurodiverse conditions (such as ADHD and ASD) changed in October 2022. These requests should be made via the young person’s school.

For further details, please visit