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Safety advice

The sections below give safety advice and information you and your child. You can also visit the Child Accident Prevent Trust website for more information.

Toddlers sitting in a group

  • Car seat safety and The Lullaby Trust website: It is recommended that you avoid travelling in cars with pre-term and young babies for long distances. Research into the link between car seats and SIDS found young babies may be at risk of breathing difficulties if they sleep in a seated position for too long. Visit the for more information.
  • Sleep and your baby page for advice about safe sleep. 

Seasonal safety tips

Visit the Safe Space Health website for advice for teenagers on keeping safe.A group of teenagers

If you and/or your children are scared, frightened, being controlled or hurt by someone you know or live with please contact:

In an emergency, call 999.

Visit the Healthy Surrey website for advice, advocacy, practical help and support.