Surrey school parents to give e-consent for their children’s vaccinations

Screenshot.pngSurrey parents can give e-consent for their children’s school-based immunisations from the start of the 2019/2020 academic year as Children and Family Health Surrey introduces a new online consent system.

Moving to e-consenting means the process of giving consent for immunisations will be much quicker and easier for schools, families and nurses as paperwork is reduced and time saved.

This new approach will also save paper, printing costs and substantially reduce the amount of time and distance nurses previously travelled collecting and distributing forms – which means we will reduce our impact on the environment.

Schools will send parents the e-consent form that can be completed online on any platform including mobile phone, tablet or computer. The process is safe and secure, and is much easier and simpler for families to complete compared to the previous paper forms. 

Trudy Mills, Director of Children and Family Health Surrey, says: “We are really pleased to be offering Surrey parents the chance to give e-consent for their children’s immunisations at school.

This will make life easier, quicker and more convenient for schools and parents, as well as reducing the paperwork for our nurses and at home for busy families.”