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Natasha Dawe presents poster at the ERIC Paediatric Continence Care Conference

Natasha Dawe is presenting a poster at the ERIC Paediatric Continence Care Conference taking place today (Tuesday 9 October 2018) at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole entitled: Inspector Ted Love a Dry Bed! Creating a child centred approach to enuresis clinic.

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ERIC is a national charity that supports children with bladder health and Natasha is attending the conference to present the ‘Inspector Ted’ poster to professionals.  

Natasha has been leading this project to reduce missed appointments, help children become dry at night and improve children's involvement in the process.

Inspector Ted is used as a visual aid to help explain the main reasons that children wet the bed, in a fun way. A booklet has also been designed alongside the teddy bear ‘Inspector Ted’ to help professionals to ensure clinic appointments are more child-focused. 

There has been lots of positive feedback received so far and results show that ‘Inspector Ted’ has had a positive effect on patient outcomes and clinic time, creating an improvement for both parents and the service. 

Please visit the continence page and the ERIC website for more information.