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Inclusion Health Team win prestigious Burdett Nursing Awards

Untitled.jpgOn 11 May 2023, the Children and Family Health Surrey Inclusion Health Team were named as winners at the Burdett Nursing Awards.

The specialist team of healthcare professionals attended the awards ceremony at the Waldorf Hotel in London where they were presented as winners of the Complex Needs in Primary Care category along with being named overall winners of all award categories.

Jayne White, Associate Director for Children, Young People and Families was delighted to see the team rewarded for their commitment and dedication and said, “This is an amazing achievement, and I’m extremely proud of the team for their hard work and enthusiasm. With high demands on NHS services, this recognition is well deserved for the exceptional care the team continue to deliver to marginalised families across Surrey.”

The Inclusion Health Team consists of a specialist team of health visitors, a community engagement officer and community nursery nurses who work with vulnerable families from the below communities across Surrey:

  • Families in temporary or emergency accommodation and those experiencing homelessness
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees in emergency accommodation
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller, Showmen and Boater communities.

The team build trusted relationships with families, providing a vast range of community healthcare services including health assessments, developmental checks, immunisations, new birth visits, screening and blood pressure checks, dental health advice and sexual and women’s health advice.

The team also work closely with other services such as maternity, education and social care and have expertise in dealing with modern slavery, trafficking and exploitation and support families fleeing domestic abuse including forced marriage and honor-based violence.

The Complex Needs in Primary Care Award recognises the excellence of nursing teams who assist in reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and enable patients with complex needs to live fulfilled lives at home, or closer to home, with reduced reliance on traditional hospital settings.

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