Revamped Children’s Continence Service 

Our Children's Continence Service has recently been developed and improved so we can provide a more responsive service for children and families.

Jane Smith, Head of County Wide Specialist Children’s Community Nursing Services, said “The changes to the Children’s Continence Service mean we can support more children and families, and improve the experience they have with us – as well as making the whole process much more convenient and straightforward for everyone.”

The improved Children’s Continence Service focuses on four areas:

Early toileting advice and support: for when you have questions about potty-training, improving bowel habits and avoiding constipation, becoming dry at night, help when it’s not going right or home / school life is making it worse.

Constipation: for when you’ve tried to improve bowel habits, it hasn’t worked and you’ve tried medication from your GP.

Nocturnal enuresis: for when children over 5 years of age are dry in the day-time but still wet the bed on most nights of the week.

Daytime enuresis: for when children are not dry in the day-time.

For more information, please visit the Continence webpage