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Children and Family Health Surrey 'One Stop’

'One Stop' is the centralised referral and triage service for specialist children's services in Surrey and parts of north east Hampshire and Farnham.

Our partner, Beacon UK, manage the Children & Family Health Surrey (CFHS) One Stop service – the single point of access into CFHS services - and will ensure that every young person referred is able to access the right care and support for children’s physical and developmental needs in the community.

They also work alongside our provider services to ensure children and young people are receiving the right care, in the right place at the right time.

About One Stop

From 31 October 2017 One Stop has accepted referrals from across the whole of Surrey (and part of north east Hampshire and Farnham). Please note that One Stop triages referrals for North East Hampshire residents (or those with a GP based in North East Hampshire) for Community Developmental Paediatrics only.

One Stop accepts referrals from health, education and social care professionals.

Services covered by One Stop

One Stop's clinically-led team triages referrals for Surrey's targeted and specialist children's community services only .These are:

  • Paediatric therapies: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy (early years and acute intervention)
  • Enuresis and Continence
  • Tongue Tie (Ankyloglossia)
  • PIMHS (Parent-Infant Mental Health Service)
  • Nutrition and Dietetics (Please note: Nutrition & Dietetics referrals can only be accepted from Surrey Downs)
  • Community Developmental Paediatrician Service.

Referral criteria

Detailed criteria for the services covered by One Stop in this document will assist referrers in understanding the clinical presentations and age ranges for which the clinical pathways apply.

How to refer

  1. Through the online portal https://sabpsecure.beaconhealthoptions.co.uk/. This is the quickest and most efficient way to refer to One Stop. This is the same portal as the CAMHS Mindsight One Stop service.
  2. Call the Children and Family Health One Stop on 0300 222 5755. One Stop is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. This is the same number as the CAMHS Mindsight One Stop service. When prompted, select Option #2
  3. Write to Children and Family Health One Stop, w/c Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, 1st Floor, Dominion House, Woodbridge Road, Guildford GU1 4PU. Written referrals require comprehensive information, as per the online portal form. Written referrals lacking the required information will not be accepted until the information is provided (because the team is unable to triage safely and accurately without this information), which causes delays. Although the online portal form takes 10-15 minutes to complete, it saves time overall because all of the required information can be inputted meaning referrals can be immediately accepted and triaged.

Please note, referrals are not accepted by fax or email as these are not secure methods.



7 June 2018

The CFHS One Stop is currently experiencing some delays in processing routine referrals. These delays are being resolved as quickly as possible, but at present, there is likely to be a slower than usual response to non-urgent referrals received.
This is most likely to impact routine referrals to Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, but a slower than usual response may also be noticed in referrals made to Developmental Paediatrics and Speech and Language (except Dysphagia).
Delays in referrals made to the Primary Nocturnal Enuresis Teams are reducing and there are currently no delays for PIMHS, Tongue Tie, Dietetics. EHCP requests and Dysphagia.
All referrals are screened by a clinician on receipt. In clinically urgent cases or where there are safeguarding or other particular concerns, referrals are actioned as an immediate priority. These include referrals to Tongue Tie, Dysphagia, PIMHS 1:1 services, referrals to PT, OT or SLT to support Hospital Discharges, and all EHCP Requests for Contributions received by CFHS One Stop.
We expect outstanding delays to be resolved within the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you are concerned about the status of a referral or if the child's needs have changed since the initial referral was made, please contact the CFHS One Stop on 0300 222 5755 (Option 2).
Please note: to support timely processing of referrals at this current time, CFHS One Stop is temporarily sending acknowledgement of the referral only to the individual who originally made the referral to us rather than to the families as well.
Therefore, please feel free to pass on the case number (in the acknowledgement email if you referred on the portal) or advise the parent or carer of the confirmation letter (if you referred by post) if they enquire about the status of their referral. They are also welcome to contact the CFHS One Stop team directly if they wish (0300 222 5755, Option 2).


  1. Right first time’ triaging into appropriate services – referrers do not have to decide or know which specialist service to refer into. Simply send the referral to One Stop and our nurses and therapists will triage the child into the right service
  2. Quicker, more efficient triaging – saving referrers' time
  3. One single point of access to Surrey’s physical and mental health services – leading to a more integrated approach for families
  4. Improved experiences and outcomes – through ‘right first time’ triaging, and signposting to other services as relevant.


If you have any questions about Children and Family Health Surrey services or One Stop please email ask.cfhs@nhs.net
Please note, this email should not be used for referrals.


“You’re that little team out there doing a big job. It was really nice to get to speak to you. We think you’re doing a good job.” Parent