World Immunisation Week

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World Immunisation Week 24 - 30 April 2019

World Immunisation Week is a global public health campaign to raise awareness and increase rates of immunisation against vaccine-preventable diseases around the world. It takes place each year during last week of April.

Immunisation can protect against 25 different infectious agents or diseases, from infancy to old age, including diphtheria, measles, pertussis, polio and tetanus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates active immunisation currently averts 2 to 3 million deaths every year.  However, 22.6 million infants worldwide are still missing out on basic vaccines, mostly in developing countries. 

The goal of World Immunisation Week is to raise public awareness of how immunisation saves lives, and support people everywhere to get the vaccinations needed against deadly diseases for themselves and their children.

If you're not sure whether you or your child have had all your routine vaccinations, ask your GP or practice nurse to find out for you. 

Try to have your vaccinations delivered on time to ensure protection. If you're not going to be able to get to the GP surgery when a vaccination is due, talk to your doctor, as it may be possible to arrange to have the vaccination at a different location.

Visit our webpage to see a checklist of the vaccines that are routinely offered to children and the ages they should be taken or visit this page to see a full list of vaccines ofered to everyone in the UK free of charge on the NHS. 

Prevent. Protect. Immunise!